Testimony from a former participant

“After being released from prison, I was blessed to have gone through a transitional living facility which was vital to my societal reentry process. The facility was a safe and sanitary environment that afforded me many opportunities to focus on my spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial well-being. It gave me the stability that so badly needed to become an accountable and productive citizen once again that I may not have gotten otherwise. God gave me a brand-new life through transitional living. In my unbiased opinion, transitional living facilities are greatly needed in the world today.” -Anonymously Grateful!

Dana's Testimony

“ It’s been quite some time ago, but upon my release from Plane State jail, I was encouraged to do transitional living before returning to my regular home. I was skeptical at first but the way it was explained to me made perfect sense in the end.

A transitional place gives you structure with tools and a purpose. You are taught skills to find a job, cope with on the outside triggers and you are housed with like-minded people.

Transitional housing can be a buffer that makes all the difference. "Some of us need the experience of people who have been in our shoes, walked our roads, and people who have a God-given compassion to see us want to make it.”

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